"The Spring Monthly" is the name of what is (or was meant to be) a series of monthly booklets. The idea was to make sure I am always making work. There were so many ideas I had—still have—that I thought it would be a good idea to always be making something.

The first issue was October 2010, and it was called "Very Short Short Stories volume 1, illustrated". I lost Adobe Creative Suite when my computer broke in May last year, so I made the layout in Word. I don't have a PDF to put up here, but soon... The booklet was a collection of very short short stories; I started writing short stories about things that happened. When I started writing them I was unemployed. This is important to keep in mind, particularly because it has been nine months since the volume was produced and I have not made another one yet, probably because I just don't have any time (and so stories to write).

The stories are really not about anything. They are boring, the word I would use to describe myself, really. The stories are things like "I saw a dead magpie today..."; not very interesting, is it? Anyway. I started making notes and I thought I should probably write short stories out of them, but then I realised that even a short story might have to have a few hundred words in it, and could I really get a few hundred words out of a dead magpie? But then I remembered something I'd read about a poem that was four words long, so I thought I could get away with writing short stories that really were short. They are illustrated because I realised that most of the stories did have a place associated with them, so I photographed them.

Because I was unemployed and without that much money I decided it would have to be produced in black and white (so I thought I'd shoot it in black and white, too; because I was getting into redscale film and intrigued by Rollei's range of film, I shot their black and white film that comes in a disposable camera).

The film was not what I thought it would be. It was not consistent. I don't know if that was partly because of me. But the inconsistencies through the 47 frames were sometimes interesting.

"Very Short Short Stories volume 1, illustrated" costs £4. I'm interested in trading, or you can buy a copy. There are 25 copies, and they are hand numbered (oh, hand numbered, yeah). You could probably just have one for free, since I have written off the money spent in my head and don't expect to get it back through selling the booklet: jasmine at ...co.uk