New speakers celebratory playlist (or Monocle-YouTube positive feedback loops)—48:23
So, this is the first one. It's simple. I started listening to Monocle's new(ish) radio station. They play a lot of good music, much of which I like. I find myself typing into Google the lyrics of songs I like to find out what the song is rather than waiting for the presenter to say what the song is (because sometimes they don't, do they?) Sometimes I am unfortunate in liking a song that has no words or words in a foreign language. Sometimes I am unfortunate in liking a song that turns up no search results. Almost always I go to YouTube in an attempt to listen to the song again. As many people point out in video comments, YouTube's damn sidebar just sucks a person in, giving more and more good music to discover. I got new speakers just yesterday because I finally decided it was time to hear music properly. My previous speakers I'd had for more than six and a half years and they weren't working well; up until yesterday I'd been listening to music through the laptop speakers... I longed for bass. This is just music I've been listening to in the last few days.