» Day trip to Calais
I want to go to Calais. For the day. I will take photographs on the whole journey: on the way to the train station early in the morning, on the train to the port, on the ferry (hoping for a stormy crossing; will pack Dramamine). I will decide beforehand what I will do whilst I am there. I'd probably go to the beach, though, and Calais strikes me as the sort of place with lots of buildings I'd like to photograph, a place with dull buildings on the edge of town, with big empty spaces surrounding them with just a couple of cars parked, and metal fences along the perimeter.

» Twitter biographies
I will write down the biographies people have used on the twitter accounts and then see how many people have used certain adjectives and phrases to describe themselves (I'm thinking "tea drinker" will feature many times).

» UK of GB vs The Rest
Whenever I think about how great the name of our archipelago is I wonder if there is a better-named state out there. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, though. Is there really going to be a better name out there? I don't think so. I haven't yet done much with this. I've written down the names of all of the states, but that is it.

» Catherine Street
A few months ago, walking to the bicycle shop, I noticed some photographs in the street amongst some rubbish. I have never found photographs. Ever. I was very excited to find them and I picked up all the photographs that did not have maggots on them and took them home. I let them dry then I put them in a drawer. I look at them every now and then. Or used to. But I will definitely do something with them. I don't have a scanner, but when I do have one, this is one work that will get made.

» The Spring Monthly issue 2
Before I was employed, The Spring Monthly was going to be a monthly printed thing that would force me to get work done. The first one came out in October and I've done nothing since (that'll be the job), though I do have ideas.

» The Sea is My Brother
...is the title of a book written by Jack Kerouac. I have not read it. I went to Brighton one day to walk along the beach and take photographs and I had the title of this book in my head the whole time. I don't like the photographs made (black and white, colour print and cross-processed slide films, no coherence), but if I ever do anything with them, this is what the work will be titled.

» Very short short stories/essays
I have returned to writing the very short short stories and have written enough to produce another collection. They won't be illustrated in the same way as the first volume, if at all, though I might put one or two images in there. I don't know. There are some things I'd like to write about but have no idea how to write about them. I imagine they would be very very short essays, short like 150 words. Hardly essays, but then I do like to think I'll become a great essay writer who started off writing rubbish very short short "essays" about things like the rise of the semicolon and the overuse of capital letters (just see any job advert online, a job advert where they insist applicants must have "excellent communication skills", you know the ones).

» I Am Not A Photographer
I Am Not A Photographer is something I really want to make. I just need to speak to the printer. I Am Not A Photographer is going to be a 44 page booklet on lightweight paper. It is going to be printed in black and white. The images are images that were originally in colour. They were probably all taken with that plastic Olympus camera. Many of the images are of Newport. All of the images were made before May 28 2010 (the day I started in Iver, the day my photography fell into a coma), before my photography started to change. The images are going to be printed full bleed, and the booklet will be A5 size.

» The (substituted) daffodils project
I went to the florist in January and saw daffodils. I thought this year I will definitely give daffodils to people. I wanted to make a project of it (I want to make a project of everything). I thought about it for too long and I over-estimated just how long daffodils are actually around for. Not even when I saw daffodils in the ground dying did I think they might be going out of season; I just thought they were dying early because spring sprung early this year. So I missed the chance to do this project, but I still want to visit some people and give them something and take a photograph of them and maybe have a conversation with them. I just need to work out the details of the whole thing. Maybe I will have some badges made, yellow, of course, with the word "spring", and give people those. Maybe they'd be pinned to a card with a short story on it.

» The supermarkets project
There is a new Sainsbury's on Cowley Road! Just what we needed, obviously, a Sainsbury's opening up near enough opposite Tesco and a ten minute walk from the other new Sainsbury's. Well done Oxford City Council. This is a long project and I have started none of it. It will involve photographing all the supermarkets in Oxford. I want to know how big each of them is, the communities they are supposed to "serve", and how the council decides whether or not to grant planning permission; I want to know what people living near one of the shops think about it all, if they go there at all, if they would like to not give the shops their money; I want to document the alternatives in each palce where there is a supermarket; and I'd like to introduce the Wedge card to Oxford. Really what I want to do is bring down Tesco and Sainsbury's and make it so that they fuck off and leave us all alone. Can I do that?

» Postcards through the door—sports; portraits; projects
I want to play sports but my only friends are people who don't live near me/can't keep appointments/don't want to play sports. I just want to move. I want to play badminton, basketball, table tennis, and I want to go cycling. I'd also be up for anything else, including doing The Gold Challenge.

I want to photograph people. Portraits. I am not a photographer, but still. I'd like some sitters, please.

I want to do some work, for free or for money, for anybody who wants something done. I'd do things that require no expertise and little or no skill, and I'd like to volunteer my time for something exciting.

» Neighbourhood // Unemployment
These are long projects, fantasy projects, in-the-future projects.

» 25&ndash34
I'd like to do something that involves people who are between the ages of 25 and 34. I realised that at a time when more people will live to be 100 years old it is odd so much emphasis should be put on the first few years of adulthood. Also, I am annoyed when people talk of solidarity and only mention students, workers, public sector employees, disabled people and old people. I'm not old, disabled, nor a student, and I work in the office of a private company, and I feel I am a type of person who is being forgotten about in this talk of solidarity. Particularly with all the talk of students and all their protesting going on I wonder what it is that gives them so much importance, why on the left they are so highly regarded. If I enrol on an MA course this year will I suddenly be part of this? ...

» Think Club
This is a hastily named project, but one I am desperate to get going with. It will be a forum for watching films, talking about books and articles recently read, talking about politics and photography, and being concerned with planning applications in Oxford, taking action where necessary. Flyposting about important things (Bradley Manning comes to mind here) is also something I'd like us to do.