I want to photograph spring, every year, each year with more photographs than the last.
I want to go to the Isle of Wight.
I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle.
And how to fly a light aircraft.
I want to properly sort out our garden.
I want a job as a payroll administrator.
I want to live in Sorrento for a few months, working two hours a week and chilling the rest of the time, riding around on a scooter and eating big bananas.
I want to know how to look after a garden well.
And I want to know the seasons very well, and eat seasonally.
I want an organic fruit and vegetable box every week.
I want a space of my own, where I can show work.
I want to be involved in social policy.
I want spring/summer 2009 to be memorable for how much time was spent on the river.
I want to pick wild blackberries
and go to pick-your-owns, and make preserves and give them away to people.
I want to be a tourist in Oxford and in London.