» On cycling
About my desire to start cycling; have a bicycle built for me; customised colours; utility.

» The rise of the semicolon (and strange hyphenations)
The semicolon, I have noticed, like the apostrophe before it, is now appearing in strange places. I'm also seeing some strange examples of hyphenation (such as Laurie Penny's "sex-appeal" and "stocking-bloc", though I acknowledge these might have been the editor's fault).

» Everybody is important enough for a capital-letter title
Yes, I will reluctantly give you your "Managing Director", but I refuse all else ("Branding and Marketing Expert", "Sales Executive", "Business Development Manager", for instance).

» On being apart
An essay about photography, truth-telling, and not being a shouty sort of person who could be a (placard-waving) activist.

» On the perfect weekend
I've not yet had one, despite my best efforts. Photography, writing, reading, updating the website, thinking, walking, making work, not spending money, generally getting things done (but also getting other things done, things like buying things that can't be bought during the week because I am at work).

» Too much information
I switched off from the Self Publish Be Happy website because I decided it was too much information and I would never make another booklet if I kept seeing other people's work every day like that. Now I need to swtich off from the opened-up internet until I have digested everything I have so far got from it.