I really want to work on a long photographic project.

My idea is to photograph those buildings I always want to photograph whenever I see them. The problem is that I never know how to do it. Because it will be a long project, I feel like I should consider the Bronica; I feel like I should consider all aspects of the images I make. But I don't want to do that. I want to feel comfortable with the camera I use and the way that I shoot.

I will pick a camera and pick a film. Probably colour, probably Fuji Superia ISO400. Saying that, I get excited thinking about all the different films out there and what they can produce. Maybe I will choose ISO200 instead, since it is spring/summer. Nonetheless, I will dedicate 15 frames of the roll to one subject, 15 frames to another subject, and allow for opening the camera back at the start and taking a couple of pictures at the end.

I hope this would allow me to quickly get through all of the buildings I am interested in, and I can get a body of decent work from it.